A Little Something

Just last week I finished this skirt. I’ve worn it a couple times since, and it’s awesome – so comfortable, and easy to throw on with a t-shirt and sandals. But, as I was procrastinating on my next project, I had a thought – this skirt needed a little more…sass, shall we say.

Enter the ruffles:



I think it adds some great detail to the skirt now, and a bit of femininity. Even with sandals and a t-shirt, it looks interesting. And adding ruffles to anything is super easy. I just cut 1 inch strips 1.5 times longer than the skirt hem, sewed long gathering stitches the length of the strips, then pulled the bobbin thread to gather the strips to be the same length of the skirt. I didn’t even finish the edges of the strips – which may come back to bite me – but I like the bit of frayed edge finish. I was going to do three rows, but decided two was just enough without going ruffle crazy.

So that was fun.

Now the interesting thing is I’ve got everything I need to start my next project, the one I’m procrastinating on. Found some beautiful sateen on sale at Joann (having a great sale right now!), and have a great “Fast and Easy” (yeah, we’ll see) pattern. I’m super excited about it – and yet I keep putting it off. I’m afraid it’ll be a bust like oh so many before! (Hmm, life lesson about myself perhaps?) But I have finally started cutting out my fabric. And this time I actually took the time to adjust the pattern. I hope to have a finished project soon!

Here’s the fabric and pattern, Butterick 5314. I plan on doing View C (far right dress)

I attempted this pattern once before (View A, far left dress) with fabric that was waaay too thick, and after making bad pattern adjustments and breaking the zipper, it culminated in a disaster. That disaster is still hanging in my closet though. I guess I have some small hope it will be salvageable. Perhaps after a successful (fingers crossed) attempt it will give me the push to toss the failure.

But before I really get down to business, I’ll be spending some time with Super Hubs before he leaves me for North Carolina. He’ll be taking a weeklong class at the RTS campus in Charlotte. So I’ll be holding down the fort by my lonesome til then. Though that sounds sad to many of you out there, it sounds like an awesome week for my introverted self.

Also, some obnoxiously ginormous truck drove down our street and snapped our cable wire – for the second time. So we have no Internet or cable tv. And our ridiculously busy cable company can’t come fix it for a week. Right now Ben and I are camped out at Starbucks sniping their internet. Needless to say, unless I feel a hunkering for burned coffee, or unless i finish my dress and its so awesome i have to blog it, I won’t be back for a while. But don’t worry, more to come. Eventually.


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