Fitting – the bane of my existence

Hubs and I are going out of town next week, and I was looking forward to making a new dress to wear on our trip. I even already had fabric that would work in my stash. And I was excited to make a new pattern I just got, Simplicity 2212.


This pattern looks great! A fun, modern design. I picked out the size according to my measurements (14), cut out the pattern pieces, and put the dress together. I even added straps to the strapless version of the dress for my own comfort. The dress came together really easy. And it’s actually quite a simple dress, so I didn’t even have to read most of the directions. Well, I take that back – this dress calls for boning in the bodice for more structure. I modified the bodice and left that out cause I didn’t have it, and I didn’t need it cause I added straps. With that said, it was a simple dress. I was really excited about the fun flared skirt.

Yeah, well, this one turned out a disaster. The fit was horrible, with gaps in the front and back of the top of the bodice.


And I was disappointed by how lackluster the flared skirt turned out. It could have been the fabric I picked. I thought the heaviness of it would make it drape well, but it was just awkward — very lumpy and dumpy.


I don’t think the problem here was the pattern. More than likely, it was 1) my misjudging on the sizing, 2) adjustments I made to the pattern, and 3) the fabric I used. If I would just do a muslin version first, that could help many of those problems. Sheesh! Can you tell how hardheaded I am, and that I always think I know what I’m doing?

I think I will try this one again, and do it the way the pattern directs, boning and all, with suggested fabric, and at least a size smaller. I think I’ll even add the optional godets on the skirt to give it some more interest.

I don’t even know how to go about fixing this dress. So it’s just sitting balled up in a corner for now. And sewing is on a hiatus for a bit as we head out of town. I am definitely looking forward to some time away from the office!

So since I obviously don’t know what I’m doing, how about you – any tips on how to alter a finished piece? Do you find a muslin version helpful? What do you do with projects that don’t turn out right?


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