Wardrobe Supply

There are some favorite pieces in my wardrobe that I wear over and over and over again. Eventually, they become too worn out to keep wearing, but I do anyway. I have a great green knit dress that one such item. I got it just last summer, but it’s already at the point that it needs to be retired. This is an awesome summer dress, so comfy and cool for summer but still modest. Now, though, the fabric is piling and thin, and I’ve gotten a couple stains on it. So my goal is to replace it with something I love just as much. My goal for the replacement isn’t to look exactly the same, but serve the same function of an awesome summer dress.


I’ve been planning this for a while, but finally bought some olive green jersey knit last weekend. I decided I’m going to use Simplicity 2219 pattern, a pattern made for stretch knits, and do version C (oops! didn’t realize I picked fabric just like the pattern picture). I haven’t done a ton of knit projects, so hopefully (fingers crossed!) this one will not give me a headache. This will also be a new pattern, so I’ve been reading up quite a bit on patternreview.com, and taking in the other reviewers’ advice. If you have any, I’m open to suggestions before I get started!

The great thing about this nice olive green is it will transition into the fall really well. Of course, it’ll be too thin to wear when it’s really cold, but that doesn’t happen often down here in Mississippi. So I hope to get lots of cross-seasonal wear out of this garment!

If this dress works out, I am telling myself I will have to let go of my original green dress. We shall see if I stick to it…And then I have other pieces that need to be replaced…but for now, I’ll just take it one step at a time.

Do you have favorites wardrobe pieces that you find it hard to retire?


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