Simplicity 2219 – Donezo!

I got into a bit of a sewing frenzy this past weekend and finished my dress. And I’m actually super happy with how it turned out. Here’s my Simplicity 2219



I made a straight size 12 with no alterations. I picked a size a bit smaller than suggested by the measurements on the pattern since I was working with knit and I wanted the bodice to fit snuggly. I ended up cutting off about 3 inches from the bottom then hemming to come just above the knee. I thought about putting shank buttons on the middle of the V, as suggested in the pattern, but decided I like it without. Might still change my mind, we’ll see.

I didn’t think the dress was difficult, but I did find the bodice a bit tricky (read: I worked very slowly). Mainly just because it was 12 pieces (6 for the front, and 6 for the lining) with princess seams. As I was putting it together, I was pretty sure it would look terrible, but in the end it worked! The ruching and V-neck look great. And that’s the most time-consuming part – after the bodice is assembled, it’s just sewing the skirt on.

Some reviews I read skipped the elastic that’s called for in the pattern, but I did put it in. I thought it would be good to help with the shape of the dress. The pattern called for understitching of the bodice after it was assembled, which was really awkward. I always understitch, but this time when I tried to do one underarm seam, it just made the fabric pull really weird. And it looked fine without the understitching. So I nixed that step. Besides that, I followed all the pattern directions and didn’t have any difficulty with understanding them.

Overall, this was a huge success – easily one of my favorite things I’ve ever made. The dress itself is super comfortable since it’s made out of an awesomely soft knit, and I love the pretty bodice. It will be a great versatile piece to dress up or down. And, best of all, (I think) it doesn’t look homemade! Yay! I officially love this pattern, and I hope to make it again – maybe I’ll finally make myself a maxi with this pattern.

Ooooh…but now I have to get rid of that other green dress…it’s so difficult to give up a favorite dress, even if it has seen better times.

I also got a couple other projects done/started this weekend, so will have more to show soon! Here’s a sneak peek:



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