One more sleeveless for the summer

Thanks for all the love on my last few posts. The encouragement means so much and makes me excited to keep sewing. Up next –

I just got Simplicity 1884 last week at Hancock’s pattern sale. I have been making tons of dresses, and decided I need to have some tops. I had had this one on my wish list since I saw Sophia Sews version, and finally scooped it up.

Last weekend, I decided I would use fabric I already had to try out my new pattern. It turned out to be my first successful refashion. Here is the only before picture I have.

(Ugh, all that hair! How did I not brave the pixie cut sooner?)

This skirt was actually once part of a dress that was my mom’s when she was young. I never wore it much. Thankfully, because it’s so long, that gave me plenty of fabric to make this blouse. I also was able to keep the existing hem = yay less work for me! The contrasting fabric is from a pile a friend gave me a while ago.

I just cut out the pieces and assembled per the pattern instructions. It was super quick and easy, with no difficult techniques.

Much, much better as a shirt.

I’m in love with this top. I’m thrilled to have finally found a blouse pattern that’s not fitted, but doesn’t look like a sack either. It has such a flattering shape, and fits really well. I’m super excited that I got the fit right on this too – I’m getting better! I like how the front tie adds a nice feminine touch, but it also looked good without it. I plan to make a bunch more of these, and hopefully some of the dress version because I’m sure it will look just as great.

This was also my first attempt at pattern mixing. You can tell the collar pieces are gingham, but the main pieces are a navy with tiny white polka dots on it that you can’t really see in the photos. I really like how it turned out. This might spur on some more pattern mixing in the future.

I really wish I had some white shorts/pants for this top. Hmm…project idea…

I highly recommend you run out and snatch up this pattern, especially if you’re a beginner. It’s not a large time investment for a great end piece.

If you’ve been paying attention over the summer, that’s another sleeveless top/dress for me. When I stepped outside this morning, though, I was reminded that I’m soon going to need clothes that are not sleeveless. So next: I’ll be looking towards building up a fall/winter wardrobe.

Have you tried pattern mixing? How did you like it? Do you have any big plans for your fall wardrobe?


3 thoughts on “One more sleeveless for the summer

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