Day 6

Almost finished – and here’s another twofer.

Outfit #1: Butterick 5314 (original post here) for work in sateen. Though this dress is far from perfect, I like it so much I make it work. As you can see, compared to the original post, I haven’t changed my styling at all. I really like this pattern, and need to make it again – with a better fit of course.

Outfit #2: The shirt is self-made, and as yet unblogged. I had leftover fabric from my green dress, and decided to make a shirt. I sort of just made it up so it’s certainly rough. But hey, it works. This is also a great example of how much of a lazy sewer I am – I didn’t bind or hem any of the edges. It’s jersey, so it won’t unravel. Ben’s comment was “Oh…that’s interesting…” Hah.

One more day! I will say, I am looking forward to having free run of the rest of my closet. And hope to have some new sewing projects to show you soon!


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