Fall Wardrobe Plan

I’ve been thinking for a while that my sewing pieces need some cohesiveness. Too often, I make pieces because I found fabric that struck my fancy, or I just had to make something and used whatever fabric I already had. In the end, most of those pieces don’t fit into my wardrobe, and just end up forgotten in the back of my closet.

Lizz from A Good Wardrobe plans out a wardrobe for each season and showcases it on her blog as she creates the pieces. So, again stealing my inspiration from others, I’ve started planning my fall wardrobe. I always want to sew for the season, but have never been deliberate enough to do it. This year, though, I’m going to man woman up, and get it done. It won’t cool down here for quite a while, but I need to have the pieces ready to wear when it does get cold so I don’t have to scramble to put them together at the last minute. Our cold snaps in Mississippi don’t last very long – if I’m not ready, I’ll miss it.

I’ve been thinking and planning, and now have my color scheme and patterns picked out. Drawing from A Good Wardrobe’s method, I first decided on what clothing items I would need, and then a color scheme to work with.

I decided to go with a color scheme that uses colors that are already in my wardrobe, instead of popular colors for the fall. This will allow me to incorporate pieces I already own. The color scheme isn’t strict – there will be variations of hues.

The goal for this wardrobe is to have good quality cohesive pieces that can be mixed and matched. So my guidelines:
1) stick to the color scheme – this will allow the pieces to mix and match
2) don’t be afraid of expensive fabrics, but buy quality for the pieces to last. This also means I will be making muslins for new patterns so that I don’t screw up and waste the fabric.
3) I will incorporate pieces I already own that are not self-made. The point is cohesion –there’s no way I can make enough pieces to completely replace my wardrobe, and I don’t want to stress myself out trying.

So here’s what I’ll be working with:


I’ve already bought some brown fabric to make the jacket from Simplicity 2443, and some multi-colored sateen for Simplicity 1877 (View B). With the other patterns, I plan to find fabric that works as I get to each one. I got started on the muslin for the jacket, and hope to have new pieces to show you soon!


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