Have you discovered the Sorbetto?

Funny thing about this project – I made this over a week ago but then lost it. Finally, I discovered it at the bottom of the laundry bin. Who would’ve thought? Anyways, at last, I can share it with you!

Collete Patterns is an independent pattern company, and on their blog they offer a couple free patterns – one being the Sorbetto Top. I love free patterns (who doesn’t?!) and am just sad I didn’t find this sooner. This is such a great and easy top! It’s just two pieces with bias tape to finish the neck and armholes with the fun detail of a large pleat down the center.

Here’s my version:


I used some thick blue plaid fabric I had on hand. I plan to use this pattern for my fall wardrobe, so this was a trial run. And it turned out great! The fabric is a bit too heavy for summer, but we had a cool weekend so I know fall is on its way and I will get to wear this top soon. I really like the colors in the fabric and, if you look close enough in the picture, you can see I used thread to match the bright stripe in the plaid — which is a big risk for me since my stitching is never perfect. But it doesn’t look bad at all!

I will definitely be making another (or a few) of these for the fall. (I know it’s sleeveless, but I’m all about layering). When I printed out the pattern, it didn’t print full size, but I calculated how much it was reduced and made adjustments. If you try this one, make sure you get it to print at 100%. I also lengthened the pattern as I prefer tops longer than most people, but would probably lengthen it a little more next time. This is a great pattern for a beginner, and didn’t use much material. And best of all — it’s FREE! You should definitely give it a go.

A quick update on my jacket in progress — I completed the muslin and figured out fitting, have all the pieces cut from the real fabric, and have started assembly. There are a lot of details on this piece, and attaching the numerous pockets on front is the first step, which is where I am. Round-cornered pockets are quite annoying. There’s been a lot of unpicking and restitching already. So it doesn’t look like I’ve done much, but it is coming along!


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