A Corduroy bust

When I initially posted my fall wardrobe plan, it included 8 pieces. So far I’ve had two successes, and now here comes the first bust.

It’s been such a long silence on the blog because McCall’s 5523 took me quite a while. My plan: make version B in hunter green corduroy, and add a lining since the pattern didn’t include one.

I made my first muslin in a size 12, shortened 1 inch, and while it fit very well, it was just a tad tight in the bootay area = not work appropriate. (When I asked hubs’ opinion on if it was too tight, his response was “If you have to ask, you know the answer.” Sadly, yes, I did…). Muslin #2 was a size 14, which turned out way too big. In the end I decided to do a size 12 waist, and grade to 14 at the hips to add more room in the back.

The finished product ended up being too big all around – big surprise, huh? I don’t know what happened with the size 12 waist, cause that’s definitely not how it turned out. And I should have graded maybe just the back princess seams to a size 14, instead of all the way around because the hips and front are way huge.

Besides the fact that it doesn’t fit and I’ll never wear it, the skirt turned out well. I managed to improvise the lining successfully. I just cut out two front middle pieces, but instead of sewing all the way down, I made two vents so walking wasn’t hindered.

I did find out I’m not a big fan of corduroy. It’s not a great fabric to work with – when pressing, even on the wrong side, it leaves marks. Anybody have tips for working with corduroy?

The pattern is great – if you can get your fitting right! It’s really simple, and I like the look of it. Perhaps I’ll try it again with different fabric and more muslins. But lessons learned – 1) sometimes it takes 3+ muslins to get it right, and 2) extra room needed in one area does not mean add it all over!

At this point I could take the entire skirt apart, cut the pieces smaller, and put it back together, but I just don’t think the corduroy or the lining will hold up to it. And I’m a lazy sewist, remember? So this piece will end up in the giveaway pile and maybe someone else can enjoy it.

Now that it’s December and I’ve only done 3 of the 8 planned pieces, I’m thinking that the whole of it won’t be completed…perhaps I was a bit ambitious. But nonetheless, I think I can get a couple more finished before spring actually gets here. Next up will be a few Christmas presents, which hopefully I will remember to take pictures of for the blog – for after Christmas of course. Hope y’all have wonderful holidays!


7 thoughts on “A Corduroy bust

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  2. Such a pity this didn’t work, as the colour of the fabric is very versatile in a wardrobe. I have just made two versions of the skirt, also both lined. Loved the simple, yet extremely effective way you vented the lining – might ‘borrow’ this idea as I did it differently, but not as clean looking.
    Give the pattern another go, as for a work skirt it does have a lot of possibility!

    • Thanks so much for the encouragement! Yes, I will give it another go sometime. I love your black and white paisley version! So cute! I will definitely consider some patterned fabric next time. And of course feel free to use my lining technique!

  3. Bummer this didn’t work out…I have that pattern too…it very versatile…perhaps the corduroy stretched with sewing? I was a tad concerned when the 12 was initially a but snug, but with wearing it relaxed a bit and fits fine. Good luck with the next version 🙂

  4. Treat corduroy like velvet when pressing. If you don’t have a pin board for pressing (most of us don’t unless you work with velvet a lot) place your corduroy right side down on a plush bath towel to press. This helps prevent the flattening of the pile of the fabric. The other option would be to use a steamer (better for all over pressing than seam pressing). Hope that helps!

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