One more blouse

I finally finished another piece for my fall wardrobe – Simplicity 1884. I’ve made this once before, and I love this pattern. It’s so simple, and requires no pattern adjustments. I made a size small and it fit great.

Also, I realize this is sleeveless and supposed to be for fall. I’m really just thinking color palette for fall wardrobe. I wear a lot of cardigans, so I sleeveless works great for me.

I have a feeling version A in a knit will make an appearance in my spring wardrobe. Speaking of, it’s almost spring and I’ve still got 3 projects left for the fall wardrobe. At this point I probably won’t get all of them finished, so I’m going to pick what’s next based on what I want to make more. It’s time to give Simplicity 2248 a try, and I’ve already got an awesome sateen to make it in. This one will take a while though – its a new pattern so I will have to do the muslin first. Hopefully I’ll finish it before spring arrives!


8 thoughts on “One more blouse

    • Thanks so much! I love getting to play with different colors with the different seasons, and especially fall colors. I love being able to use warm colors when it’s so chilly and gray all around

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