A Fortunate Find

Though it’s actually spring, I managed to finish one more piece from my winter wardrobe. Maybe, now that I’ve completed the pieces (all but two!), I’ll get some good use out of them next winter.
(photo from Simplicity)
My original plan for Simplicity 2248 was a navy dress, but when shopping for fabric I thought just plain navy would be too blah. So I bought a cool, stained-glass-like navy and green sateen.
(photo from Joann.com)

Then I got started on my muslin with some fabric I randomly grabbed out of my stash. After I had cut out all the pieces for the muslin, I realized the fabric I had was actually really nice. I have no idea what it is, but it’s thick (great for a winter dress), a little fuzzy on the right side, and navy! Once I realized I could use this fabric for a wearable piece I decided to have some fun with the design, and used my leftovers from this Sorbetto top to add some interest to the plain navy.

And here’s the final product
The pattern I had was for the sizes too big for me, and 12 was the smallest available, so that was what I cut out. Surprisingly, the fit turned out to be pretty close. I ended up taking in about half an inch on each of the sides from the armholes to the waist, and then it fit great.

This is a Project Runway pattern which comes with multiple variations on the design, which is kind of fun. I made the sleeveless version with the open back and added the bow front, all made out of the zigzag fabric I had. Blah no more!
What I really like about this pattern is the silhouette. The fabric I used was pretty thick and made the skirt full – it reminds me of a 50’s housewife. Especially when I put on my pearls. I just need an up-do with a birdcage veil and cute little gloves, and I’m ready for bridge.

I basically stuck to the pattern directions, and only made some small alterations. Like I said, I took in the sides a bit prior to finishing the armholes with bias tape. I used an invisible zipper instead of a regular one. I was trying to come up with any other way to finish the bodice without using the facings called for in the pattern. I’m not a fan of facings, I can’t ever get them to lay flat and stay inside without rolling to the outside. But alas, I didn’t have enough fabric (or motivation) to line the entire bodice and I couldn’t come up with another way to do it. So I put the facings in and tacked them to each of the princess seams on the inside of the bodice to keep them from rolling to the outside.

Now that my muslin turned into a wearable dress, I don’t know what I’m going to do with the fabric I bought. I don’t know if I want two dresses so similar. I guess I’ll look for another pattern to use. Skirt maybe? I feel like it’s a pretty busy pattern to make into a dress…but I don’t have a great eye for matching patterns and fabric so I’m open to suggestions!

Coming soon: a new neice! Which means – more baby projects!


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