A Sizing Quandary

My sister is pregnant with her second child, and my third niece. Baby girls are so much fun to make clothes for because you can be super cutesy. Sis wanted a pink skirt for her daughter to go home in from the hospital, and I decided to make this cute little number with pink ruffle fabric (this stuff is the perfect amount of girly and cutesy) and purple elastic waistband.

This is just a simple elastic waistband skirt that you can find a tutorial for anywhere on the internet. (Like here, here, and here.) There are also lots of tutorials out there for baby skirts, and they’re all super simple, but most of them require one thing – a baby. “Measure your baby’s waist…” This is hard to do when I don’t have one handy, and it’d be a bit weird to borrow someone else’s. So I made an educated guess but of course, I have no way of knowing if this is even close.

After I finished, I decided the skirt looked really big for a newborn. Since it only took about 10 minutes, it was super easy to whip up another real quick!

So now my sister just gets to have a couple choices once my new niece arrives, and maybe a skirt that she can grow into.


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