Discovering Home

We are really enjoying our new town.

I’ve finally had real Maryland crab cakes – a must if you live in this area, of course. I will certainly be broadening my seafood tastes now that we live so close to the water.

One of the great things about living on the Eastern Shore is how close it is to so many interesting places. As we learn our new area, we’ve been exploring a bit.

For the Fourth of July we went a couple miles north into Delware for a tractor parade!

One evening we went over to Ocean City, a fun, lively beach town complete with boardwalk, carnival rides, and street performers.

And one Saturday we moseyed on over to Annapolis to meetup with some friends. We had a great time visiting, walking around the historic downtown and checking out the Naval Academy and the Annapolis mall.

There are tons more places close by that we want to visit so hopefully we’ll have the time to keep exploring.

So we have finally settled in enough that I’ve had time to get back to my sewing – and therefore life feels normal again! I’ve got a couple things in progress and will have them to share soon!


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