Zigzag curtains

My sewing room is very slowly coming together. I’ve had grand ideas for decorating my room (my very own room!) and it’s finally nearing completion. Eventually I’ll show all of it, but until then I wanted to share my first DIY project.


Hmm…it’s hard to take a picture of a bright window…

I found some green and white zigzag (not chevron) duck canvas at Hobby Lobby, and whipped up some curtains. (I’m not really a “fad” person, I just picked fabric I liked.) I’ve never done curtains before, but they’re super easy – just measuring and hemming. I hung them high and wide so my puny window looks pretty grand now. I never cared much for curtains, but now I realize it was because they were always hung wrong. Now I’ll be curtaining every window we have! …eventually. They are easy, but time consuming. And expensive – high and wide = a lot of fabric.

curtain rod

DIY curtain rod

I made my curtain rod with this tutorial – an electrical conduit cut to size, finials, spray paint, cafe curtain rings, and brackets. I couldn’t find any finials that I was willing to pay for, but I found some drawer pulls I liked at Hobby Lobby, stuck them in corks, and shoved them in the ends of the pole. Yes, I’m super classy. And very adept at ghetto-rigging. I also hung them like she recommends; I like how it hides the rings.

Major props to the hubs for helping me hang the rod. He put up my brackets after I mismarked where they should go, then took it all down and did it right.

curtain2I love that curtains are an excuse to use a busy pattern like this, and add some bright color to the room.

And that’s it. Easy peasy. I didn’t line them because this room doesn’t ever need to be dark. When I make more for other rooms in the house, though, I’ll have to line them and make some blackout, That’ll be a new challenge whenever I get around to it.

So, is the zigzag craze dead by now? Or do you wish you could kill it with a thousand machetes?


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