Ah, nostalgia…

My blog is 3 years old today – I just happened to stumble upon that fact this week. I’m not very sentimental, and on top of that I’m forgetful. (As evidenced by the fact that hubs and I both forgot our last wedding anniversary. At least when you both forget no one’s in trouble. In our defense, life was sort of busy around that time…)

But since I had the realization, might as well reminisce…

Well, my sewing skills have certainly come a LONG way in 3 years. Of all the projects I’ve posted on this blog, there are only a fraction of self-made items that are in regular wardrobe rotation. The nice thing, though, is the number of kept items increased as my skills increased. It’s nice to be able to look back and see I’m actually getting better!

The only things that survived 2010 were our pirate costumes. 2011 yielded two pieces: our Star Trek costumes and a skirt.

Once you get into 2012, there are a lot more pieces that are still in my closet. Here are just a few since then that are some of my favorites:
Dorothy dress (Simplicity 2362)
Pintuck dress (Simplicity 2365)
Mixed pattern shirt (Simplicity 1884)
First Jacket (Simplicity 2443)
In Love Dress (Simplicity 1877)
Tangram skirt (Chic & Simple Sewing Wrap skirt)

And more in the works!

I enjoy blogging – it’s fun and relaxing to write about something I love. Thanks for following as I flounder and flourish!


4 thoughts on “Ah, nostalgia…

  1. I really enjoyed looking through some of the things you have made. I think your hair is super cute now, but I also really like it in that pirate picture. Oh, and I especially like the last skirt that you made. I have only made quilts and children’s clothes so far, but maybe I will finally take a chance and try something for me… maybe. Ha. I really wanted to have a daughter first so that I could sew her lots of skirts and dresses, but I wouldn’t trade Martin. 🙂 I am glad that you have a blog. It is fun to see your projects.

    • Thanks so much Faith! Yeah Cindy has told me you quilt, that’s awesome. One day I want to learn that too. You should take a chance and make something for yourself! It’s really not very hard if you follow a pattern. I’d be happy to help any time you like. And yeah, little boys are hard to make for – my nieces get way more homemade gifts than my nephews haha.

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