Snow day catch up


This is what I woke up to this morning. Thankfully, my boss suggested that I, as a Mississippi girl untrained in snow driving, stay home today. A whole day of nothing planned! So as I sit and watch the snow swirl down outside, I figured I’d catch up a bit here on my neglected blog.

My sewing had steadily decreased over the past several months, until a friend invited me over for a quilt day. I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of quilting, but seeing the numerous small pieces that compose large quilts intimidated me. I started learning how to hand quilt once, but when our teacher told me it takes her a year to finish a quilt, I gave up right there – I was just learning, I wasn’t ready for that kind of commitment! Even machine quilting, I assumed it took too long for my attention span and resigned myself that I’d never learn.

But when my friend, a longtime machine quilter, told me we could do a small project just to learn I was all in. She walked me step by step through a beginner’s project, a table runner, and we were able to finish it in just one day (except for the binding, which I finished up the next). One day! That’s my kind of project. I was thrilled to learn how to quilt with low commitment. I did it way back in November, and just never got around to blogging it. She suggested a fall theme, with a Christmas backing, for the holidays.


I love how it turned out! And we got some good use out of it over the holidays. She loaded me up with enough supplies for several more projects, and I enjoyed it so much I started another one right away. This time Christmas, with an everyday backing.


Now that I’ve done a couple projects, I’ve found I really enjoy the whole process of quilting – laying out your pattern, piecing, quilting, and binding. It is slow going and repetitious, but I kind of enjoy that part. She taught me free motion quilting, which is fun – you just randomly quilt all the layers together without following a design, which is pretty fun. I see a lot more quilting projects in my future, and maybe I’ll even move up to larger projects.

I will take advantage of this snow day and get some sewing done, but for now I’m gonna go stare out the window some more. Stay warm!


4 thoughts on “Snow day catch up

  1. I love the strip runner that you made. The colors are adorable together. I love the back and the front. It is so cheerful. I have always wanted to make a strip runner.

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