Another table runner

I finally got around to making the other table runner with the load of fabric my friend sent home with me. The bright colors and fun designs in these fabrics make me happy.


It has a solid brown binding, though it’s hard to see on our dark kitchen table. I also practiced my free-motion quilting on this one, and quilted a meandering design. My stitching looks a lot better than that last couple times. I also used a different type of batting for this, a polyester one that I just had on hand, and it seemed to make it a little more poofy than my other runners. I like the flatter look from the cotton batting better, but this one works. And now I know the difference the batting will make.


I had some fun with the blocks on the front. I found this tutorial for how to make jewel shaped blocks, and loved the look of them in a circle(ish) design. These colors make me think of summer and the beach…I’m ready for that warm weather now!


I fell in love with these fabrics for the back. For me, the red and yellow with sweet flowers bring to mind images of a quaint country cottage, charming and rustic. They go great with all the antique kitchen items we have.



2 thoughts on “Another table runner

  1. I have never seen blocks like that before. I love them. Also I have tons more of that red fabric and similar shades of that red and yellow if you ever need any. I tend to buy them which is weird since I don’t really like the country look but somehow I like them. I probably have three or four more yards of it. Anyhow, I love the runner. I am glad you are quilting now.

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