Run or Dye


This is my running motto.

I got the itch to run about 2 years ago – mainly because I thought if I run I can eat all the chocolate I want. Since then it’s been a love/hate relationship, with some periods of consistent running, and some with none at all. Most days I hate running. While I’m doing it I think I’m going to die. Also, I can’t actually eat all the chocolate I want. But the sense of accomplishment is pretty rewarding. (What accomplishment since I run on a treadmill I’m not physically getting anywhere? That I didn’t die.) People tell me you eventually become addicted to it…I’m not sure I believe them; even when I was running consistently I didn’t feel that way. After several months of inactivity, I started running again at the beginning of this year in hopes to run my first 5k in May, Run or Dye. I figured if I paid money to run it’d be the motivation I needed to keep at it. My only goal was to run – jog, really – the entire race, no matter how slow. Getting ready for it, I was still pretty inconsistent – what with winter sickness and normal life craziness. But I figured my competitive side would come out the day of. It did, and in this instance it served me well for once. I was able to run the whole thing. It might not sound like much, but it was a big first for me.


I’ve always wanted to do one of these color races because it looks so fun. And it was awesome! I think the main reason I made it through was the fun part of it. And it helps having people cheering you on along the way. And hubs was there at the finish line to greet me.



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