Fundraiser Goodies

I’ve been making a few items to donate to our church’s silent auction, a fundraiser for our youth group’s summer mission trip. I went through my stash and decided to make a few small girls items – quick, easy, and adorable.



Skirts – They’re just a rectangle of fabric, hemmed, then sewn to the elastic. A couple good tutorials are here and here, and you can easily find tons more on Google.

Rosette headband – super simple, no sewing necessary. Although, instead of hot-gluing to elastic I did sew the felt circle to the elastic, then glued the rosette on, then glued another felt circle to the back, encasing the elastic. I figured sewing it on would be more durable.

Bow headband – I used this tutorial to make the bow, then just sewed it to an elastic band.



Pinafore – I’ve made this a couple times now. It’s a quick and easy project. Super cute.

Hopefully these will find homes at our auction, and a few folks can get some good use out of them. I’m out of town and have to miss the event sadly, which includes a show of performances from individuals in the church doing whatever – singing, karate, reciting a poem, etc. I’ve heard it’s a blast, and look forward to seeing it next year.


5 thoughts on “Fundraiser Goodies

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  2. The pinafore was my favorite style for the girls when they were little. Too bad I didn’t see this until just now — I might have had to bid from afar!!

  3. aaaaahhhh, i want them all, so cute!!! too bad the competition is tough, we have way too many little girls in our church

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