Wedding Travel and Kitchen Pretties

My cousin got married a couple weeks ago, and I got to travel to Mississippi to celebrate with them. It was a much needed time to visit with family and friends, some I hadn’t seen for a whole year.


This is what happens when you move across country – your niece forgets who you are, and reaches for someone, anyone else.

photo 1

But she was ok to observe me from afar.

photo 5

The beautiful couple! Congrats guys! (BTW, if you haven’t opened all your wedding gifts yet, you might want to stop reading.)

photo 2

I don’t usually make wedding gifts, but I was inspired this time, and had a lot of fun making a set of cloth napkins and matching burlap placemats.

photo 3

I love adding a little pretty to the kitchen table when we eat. Hubs even requested some for our table.

photo 2 close

The interesting thing about working with burlap is it’s very loose – you won’t get perfect squares and straight lines (which challenges my anal-retentive side a bit) but it has a nice, rustic charm. And I love the contrast of pairing it with this formal damask fabric. And I was able to exercise my perfectionism with the straight lines on the mitered corner napkins.

Hopefully the newlyweds will get some good use out of these!

If you want to make your own, here’s a great tutorial for burlap placemats, including adding a stencil. I just sewed a 1 inch strip of fabric on mine, and frayed the edges to match the frayed burlap. And there are lots of napkin tutorials, like here, here, and here.


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